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Ryan Phillips

Ryan Phillips

"I got #1 spot in several categories and even #1 bestseller in the whole non-fiction category!"

Jason Johns

Jason Johns

"Thank you, you helped me turn a hobby into a full-time income that supports my family"

Keving Long, AKA The Kindle King

Pete Cohen

"Kevin Long produces outstanding work and helps you take an idea and turn it into reality"

Keving Long, AKA The Kindle King

Pauline Longdon

"Within only 2 weeks I turned my rough draft into a published book and hit #1 bestseller!"

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How long does it take from the time I give you my manuscript until it is published?

The normal process would usually take around 3 weeks from when we receive your manuscript until publication. If you aren’t quite ready we can plan ahead and work with you towards a launch date that you are happy with. Some of our clients have been in a rush to get published, in such cases we endeavour to publish within 14 days. The time process can be discussed with you during the consultation process to ensure you are comfortable with the schedule for publication.

Can I have both a Kindle and printed book?

Yes, you are able to choose from various publishing packages that include the option for both Kindle and paperback book. Alternatively, you may just want Kindle only. Please take a look at our various publishing packages to see the options.

Do you advertise my book?

We will market each book for 5 days. This is standard for us. Additional marketing packages are available and these vary in time starting with a 30-day package going up to the option of a full 12 months depending on your needs. We use various platforms to advertise your book to help get it to reach bestseller status.

I’ve already published with another company. Can I switch publisher and publish with Babysteps?

Of course. It is possible to change publishing companies. We have had quite a few clients who have switched to us for various reasons. Perhaps you have already self-published in the past and not been completely satisfied, please don’t let that put you off taking the self-publishing route. Many successful authors self-publish and have amazing results. Please take a look at our testimonials.

Does Babysteps Publishing re-launch existing books?

Yes, we do. Some of our clients have previously published with other companies and want to give their book a new lease of life. We take the book, publish and market it. We have an excellent track record of re-launches and have many happy clients.

What happens with royalties?

Royalties paid to authors from self-publishing are much higher than what would be paid via the ‘traditional’ route of publishing. On average you would expect to receive around 70% of royalties. Babysteps Publishing does not get paid any royalties and any payment you receive will be directly from Amazon and paid directly to you.

I don’t have a book cover yet, does Babysteps Publishing offer any assistance with that?

We can indeed offer you assistance with your book cover. We can put you in touch with one of our excellent cover designers who will work with you every step of the way. Fees for this are paid directly to them.

Does Babysteps publish any genre of book?

We are happy to publish any book genre.

What happens if I want my book to contain pictures?

Pictures aren’t a problem. We can publish them in colour or in black and white. Obviously if you are printing a paperback book then the cost of each book will be higher if the pictures are colour rather than the black and white option.

What’s the best way to get started on publishing my book?

Contact us. We are always happy to hear from new writers. We offer a free Skype consultation service that most clients find very useful in the initial stages. Maybe to start with you just have some questions you would like answered. If so please do send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

  • What is self-publishing?

    Self-publishing is publishing your book without the financial backing of a traditional publishing company. This means that the author pays for all the costs associated with publication and receives the profit that the book generates. Through self-publishing the author remains in complete control of his or her intellectual property and how it is distributed.

    Self-publishing and Traditional publishing

    Traditional publishing is when you offer your book around to different publishing companies to try and secure a publishing deal. This potentially could take years and can be quite stressful as well as frustrating. If you do get signed by a publishing house then the benefits can be great. You wouldn’t have any fees to pay, the publisher would pay for your editing, book cover design, print copies and marketing of your book in exchange for a percentage of your royalties. This percentage taken by the publisher could range from 60 – 90%. The downside to all this isn’t only not getting paid much of the royalties for your book but disappointingly the publishing company will own your book cover, edits and often the title. Furthermore, your ISBN and any barcodes that appear on your books will belong to the publisher as well.

    Self-publishing is the opposite of all that! While you pay initially for the publication the book should overtime pay for itself in royalties. With self-publishing you own your book including all edits, cover design, ISBN codes, barcodes, print copies and publicity. YOU ALSO KEEP THE MONEY THAT YOUR BOOK MAKES. You own your book and you can do what you want with it. With self-publishing you are in complete control from start to finish!